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Vigtig kundeinformation

Hygiene instructions inside the gallery.

The rapid developments worldwide regarding the corona virus (Covid-19) make it a priority to implement measures to protect our customers and all employees in the center. Regulatory recommendations are taken into account in this respect.


The health of our visitors and employees is the most important thing for us, therefore we always take care of cleaning, disinfection & security at our center to reduce infections.

As center management, we are of course available to you as usual and ask you to contact us at any time with questions or suggestions.

That’s how you protect yourself:

– Keep at least two meters distance to other people

– Wash your hands regularly and sufficiently long (at least 20 seconds), not forgetting the space between your fingers

As of Monday, Jan. 25, 2021, qualified mouth-to-nose coverings (surgical masks or virus-filtering masks of the N95, KN95 or FFP2 standards) must also be worn in shopping centers and stores, according to the new Schleswig-Holstein state ordinance.

– Uses an alcoholic hand disinfectant

– Do not touch your face or mouth.

– Pay as cashless as possible

– Do not shake hands in greeting, no one will resent a smile or a friendly nod

– Use handkerchiefs only once, so it’s best to use paper handkerchiefs and put them in the closed trash can after each use

– Do not cough into your hand or fellow men, but cough into the crook of your arm

– Air regularly and disinfect surfaces that you touch with your hands, such as door handles

– Do not shake hands

The health of each individual is paramount and the aim is to ensure that as few people as possible fall ill.

We thank you for your understanding and solidarity. Stay healthy!